Excessive employee access is one of the fastest growing unmanaged risks to the protection of critical enterprise data and information assets. The impact of cloud, mobile devices and IT consumerization, coupled with increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, makes the possibility of a security breach a serious threat to enterprises globally. To proactively reduce these risks, Identity and Access Management has become a pivotal component of an organization’s Information Security Framework.

Secur’s Identity and Access Management consultants can help transform your organization’s access requirements into an information advantage, both on premise and in the cloud. We help enterprises protect their corporate data and information assets in order to safeguard their business’ reputation, legal responsibilities and financial well-being. A proactive identity and access management practice can also support in enhancing end user experiences and improving business operations securely.

Our Identity and Access Management services include – Assessment, Design, Deployment and Managed Services.

  • Solution Architecture, Access Governance Framework, SSO Framework, Privileged Access Framework

A further breakdown of primary service initiatives is outlined below:

IAM Strategy Evaluation

Gap Analysis & Process Improvements.

    • Security Program Strategy
    • Security Program Management Support
    • Digital Transformation Strategy

Identity Roadmap and Business Process Development

Reducing business risk and managing access. Ensuring compliance & scalability.

    • Solution Design
    • Implementation and Testing
    • Access Governance
    • Data Governance
    • Role Mining, Modeling, and Engineering
    • Single Sign On
    • Cloud Identity Security
    • Business Driven Access Request
    • Automated Fulfillment and Orchestration
    • Federated Identity Management
  • System Integration

    Identifying and evaluating opportunities to maximize technologies including DLP, SIEM and endpoint.

  • Privileged Access Management

    Management and controls for access held by IT administrators & select business users to limit exposure and improve audit/compliance requirements.

  • Proxy Access Management

    Design and management of automated system access accounts.

    IAM Managed Services

    Support for on premise and cloud IAM, PIM, PAM solutions including design, investigation and operational governance.

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