Why FevIR Scan?

FevIR Scan Fever Screening System is a skin temperature measurement system for mass screening of high pedestrian areas such as airports, train stations, factories and other public places.

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In today’s world of fast transit global travel, outbreaks of infectious disease will cross national and international boundaries in a matter of hours. The SARS, Bird Flu and Swine Flu, H1N1, Ebola virus and now coronavirus (COVID-19), have affected tens of thousands of people and businesses with massive disruption to all people in all walks of life.

The miniature, discreet and ultra portable FevIR Scan Skin Temperature Monitoring system provides peace of mind with high speed sensitive temperature measurement for high volume pedestrian transit areas. The system is based on Thermoteknix FevIRscan combined thermal and colour visual imaging cameras working in conjunction with a blackbody temperature calibration unit for high accuracy temperature measurement with Thermoteknix FevIR Scan 2 software. The FevIR Scan Fever Screening System is a tried and tested screening system which is serving in many countries around the world in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Central and South America and Africa.

The FevIR Scan thermal imaging and temperature measurement system from Thermoteknix is easily installed, operated and relocated with the very minimum of setup time and operator training. On-screen and audible alerts identify one or more individuals in a large crowd situation with visible temperature tracking, aiding rapid detection and maintaining pedestrian flow. The system is password-protected to prevent unauthorised changes while the flexible configuration software allows the user to select Thermal and Visible Picture Side by Side, or Picture-in-Picture together with recalled images as needed for fever alerts and second level fever screening.

Thermoteknix FevIR Scan systems are shipping now to provide individuals and organisations with confidence in their public health measures protecting their citizens and visitors.



Human skin temperature is affected by a wide number of environmental and physiological factors. An elevated facial skin temperature may signify a raised body core temperature; correspondingly, an elevated core temperature may not be accompanied by a raised facial skin temperature. FevIR Scan systems are accurate scientific systems that must be operated strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s Operation Manual. FevIR Scan systems are not intended, nor designed, to diagnose or detect medical conditions including, but not limited to, viruses or other illnesses. Thermoteknix thermal imaging products should only be used to detect variations of surface temperature. In the event that an elevated skin temperature is detected, the subject should be immediately checked with an approved medical thermometer and the finding confirmed. Absence of an elevated skin temperature does not exclude a fever.