Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Secur’s Continuous Vulnerability Scanning is a best-in-class security scanning solution that tests existing equipment, applications and website to see if known vulnerabilities exist.

While firewalls, anti-virus and IPS/IDS are all critical network elements, it is important to scan for and fix vulnerabilities hackers are searching for. It can be much more effective to repair relatively few actual risks than it is to build more complex network security systems around them.

One of the most potent defenses against an attack is to regularly scan your network and fix the high-risk vulnerabilities the scan finds. Network vulnerability scanning is an excellent and cost-effective security investment.

Secur’s Continuous Vulnerability Scanning solution:

  • Scans against the largest and most comprehensive library of known vulnerabilities to uncover network issues
  • Runs on a regular basis to test against new vulnerabilities and provides solid data to judge whether action is vital or of low priority
  • Alerts you if new equipment has been added, a new port has been opened or a new service has been loaded and started that may present an opportunity to break in