Do you have the time to sift through millions of log events? And even if you do. do you have staff with the skills and tools to identify the threats? SIEM-as-a-Service enables companies to improve their security posture fast and without huge investments in staff and tools.

Protect your business-critical systems.

Seccur has developed a state-of-the-art service that addresses organisations’ needs for Security Incident and Event Management.

Our managed SIEM offering protects our customers’ business-critical systems by integrating with world-class security practices and technologies.

  • A comprehensive “CyberFirst” commissioning and operations plan that aligns with your internal processes and business risks to deliver clear business outcomes
  • A fully managed, purposefully developed SIEM and Log Management service
  • 24/365 support:
    • Security monitoring
    • Incident and event reporting
    • Customised dashboard
    • Agreed reporting and engagement models with clear points of contact and escalation
    • On-call access to additional advisory services as required
    • This service is backed by robust Service Level Agreements from our IRAP assessed, Classified Cloud hosting environment, operating at a PROTECTED security classification