Secur assists local and government authorities to protect critical infrastructure during routine operations or any kind emergency, drawing on international security expertise and advanced technology. We provide an end-to-end solution for protecting oil & gas pipelines, water plants and distribution systems, government and public buildings, air or sea ports, prisons and other sensitive facilities.

Our approach is holistic, based on a thorough planning of every step the security solution, from gathering and understanding intelligence, through intelligent control centers, physical security and intelligent vehicles for forces on the ground and up to training and ongoing service and maintenance.

Security Professional Services

Security professional services form an inseparable part of the Secur’s holistic approach to security. Our services draw on the unique security knowledge developed as well as on the company’s projects in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Strategic Consulting & TVRA: Expert Advice at your Service

Whether you are looking for a broad strategic perspective or for detailed site surveys, our experts are ready to inform you on a wide range of security, safety, intelligence and counter-terrorism issues and practices. We pride ourselves on our team of security and safety veterans who bring vast experience and a methodological approach to every project.

Consulting services include Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment reports (TVRA), detailed site security surveys, study of ongoing conflicts for policy makers, and recommendations of the most effective security strategies and means.

HR Vetting & Recruitment: Working with the Best

The personal integrity, skills, and preparedness of security personnel are crucial for the safety and security of your operation. Recruiting and vetting security personnel requires knowledge and experience to ensure the right people are doing the right job.

We work closely with our customers to develop job definitions, perform vetting and character assessment according to a unique methodology which utilizes psychometric and performance based testing proven to identify personnel who are best disposed to perform their designated security jobs.

Training: Alert and Ready for any Challenge

Well-trained personnel are crucial for all security services, and constitute an inseparable part of our security projects. In fact, sometimes all it needs to counter potential threats is training your personnel in security best practices or specialized tasks.

Our goal is to make sure that all your personnel are fully capable of executing their designated tasks and will perform effectively during routine or emergency situations. To ensure ongoing skills and preparedness our solutions often include “Train the Trainer” courses, so you have full control of all aspects of the security operations.