Integrated Refurbishment, Redeployment, Remarketing and Recycling Services

When retiring computer assets and selecting an IT asset disposition (ITAD) partner, customers want a secure extension of internal IT Asset Management (ITAM) programs. Sims Recycling Solutions offers comprehensive and integrated services for managing reuse or final disposition of retired company assets. These services provide unique and tangible benefits to our customers, including:

Lower Logistics Costs

Most of our facilities offer complete processing under one roof, virtually eliminating the need to transport material between facilities. This reduced handling results in reduced logistics costs and carbon footprint.

Reduced Handling

Limiting the number of times equipment is transported minimizes the potential for digital data breaches.

Clearly Defined and Documented Procedures

Our streamlined chain of custody and audit trail support corporate compliance programs.

Consistent Service Delivery Model

Accounts are managed regionally simplifying vendor relations for our clients. Sims is able to quickly respond to new requests or special projects to ensure your company has the support it needs.

Data Security

Sims ensures all hard drives and memory storage systems are completely erased or destroyed to prevent unauthorized access to your proprietary information.

Complete Audit Trail for Risk Management

Our defined processes and integrated solution enables our customers to adhere to corporate risk management programs.

Multisite Support

Sims operates sites throughout the world, enabling us to support multi-site companies regionally, nationally and globally