Integrated Facilities Management covers a wide variety of services, and supports different kinds of spaces, including offices, hospitals, airports, malls, and hotels. Integrated Facilities Management brings multiple services together to streamline your operations.

We provide multi-pronged integrated facilities management support so that you can focus on your business. An efficiently managed facility is important in the success of your business and helps improve productivity. With a customized, a-la-carte approach, we can cater our solution to your needs.

Successful Facilities Management Programme Focus

Our results are quick, quantifiable and our implementation plans are aligned to meet the unique requirements and scale of our client environments in:

  • Setting the Foundation for Productivity
  • Management of Real Estate
  • Change Management and Demand Management
  • Measurement and Management of Risk
  • Cost Management and Forecasting

A central component to our success is enabling our clients to overcome one of their greatest challenges available – quantifiable data.  Our CAFM system enables or ensures an organised approach to:

  • Measure Performance
  • Track Service and Business Demand
  • Usage and Cost

facility management

 Secur Cleaning & Hygiene Solutions was established in July 2014.
Secur Cleaning and Hygiene Solutions is as its name suggests a Commercial and Industrial Cleaning &Hygiene company. Secur, with its daily contract cleaning services, offers clients the convenience of a full-spectrum of services which range from hard floor care to more specialised forms of cleaning, enabling you as our clients to focus on your business, while we get on with what we do best.
The Company offers the Following services:
Commercial – cleaning of office blocks, banks and financial institutions
Industrial – cleaning ranging from heavy vacuumation in factories to regular office cleaning
Healthcare – hospital cleaning, CSSD instrument washing.
Education – cleaning at educational institutions, including servicing of residences
Hospitality – cleaning services to hotels, resorts and casinos as well as housekeeping and related services
Retail Cleaningcleaning of common areas in large shopping centres and malls as well as cleaning services for retailers specific stores
Transport Sector – cleaning of all areas in bus stations and train stations etc.
Cleaning of high areas such as windows etc.
Hygiene Solutions:
Personal hygiene is equally important in the office as what it is in the home to both employees and customers. Apart from being a public health issue, clean, hygienic toilet facilities can have a positive impact on users and their attitude towards your business or organisation.

Secur offers a range of commercial janitorial services, hygiene solutions and other washroom services to facilitate out of home personal hygiene, including:

Soap dispensers – hand hygiene with a range of soaps and foam
Safe seat dispensers – protects users from harmful bacteria on toilet seats
Sani bins – functional and stylish design for feminine hygiene needs
Sanitiser dispensers – hygiene for toilets and urinals through continuous dispensing
Air freshener dispensers – a choice of fragrances and technology
Warm air dryers – a range to suit your needs
Paper towel dispensers – from automatic to manual feed options
Toilet tissue dispensers – full range of dispensers and paper refill options
Dust control and grease trap mats – wide range of standard and custom size mats with or without company logos
Water coolers – a wide range to suit your requirements
Ozone air purifier
Deep cleaning – reaching and cleaning those often neglected places in urinals, shower drains toilet pans and rims, cleaning of kitchen drains and hand basins as well as odour prevention.