Close Protection

As several successful years in the field of personal security and in risk prevention have proven, we are the reliably efficient experts in providing high-profile persons, a defined group of people and their relatives. The highest level of security and privacy protection is achieved through our professional expertise and our well-trained, coordinated personnel.

close protectionMany of our experts have been responsible for the security of high ranking diplomats and government representatives.

As part of our comprehensive security concepts, we are providing professional close protection services, tailored to suit the client’s specific requirements. In doing so, we ensure constant security for our client in public places.

Depending on mission requirements and individual threat and risk analysis, our close protection officers can operate with „show of force“ (open weapon carry) or in a very discrete manner. They have all undergone intensive special training, possess the relevant experience and are professionally equipped. This service also includes secure transportation of high-ranking representatives in armored vehicles.

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