secpointSecPoint first designed the Penetrator in 2003, the Protector UTM in 2005 and the Portable Penetrator in 2007. Since then, there has been continual development across all three variations with many firmware updates offering new and exciting features.

SecPoint has been operating globally since 1999 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. It has been delivering high-end security products to customers worldwide, via SecPoint partners across the globe.

SecPoint was founded in 1998 and has 13 Years of continuous development on its Products. It is the most competitive company in the IT Security field with a wide range of products, including complete network protection, Firewalls, Application Controls, Pen-Testing and Securing websites, offering easy to use solutions for every IT security need.

Eliminating Complexity

Ensuring IT security for any organization is a complex task and IT security firms often make this more complex by hiding the actual prices of various modules from customers to make more by from them by insisting they purchase additional features modules, firmware updates and support packages, etc. On many occasions, clients find themselves stuck in a situation where they can’t say ‘No’ because they are tied in to their initial investment in their IT security hardware.

Removing Complexity

With SecPoint’s ‘No Hidden Cost Policy’ customers get the convenience of obtaining the solution they need at no extra cost, whatsoever. Products come with many features but clients don’t need to pay separately for them. The concept is simple. Other companies always hide prices. They show businesses their lowest price, which ends up being the price for the appliance but with negligible features. With SecPoint, customers get every feature without any extra cost and no extra security modules as they already include everything within the product a customer purchases in the first place.


SecPoint is a IT Security vendor of : Protector – UTM VPN Firewall Appliance features Web Filter, IPS :

Penetrator – Pen Testing Appliance, Vulnerability Scanning, Vulnerability Assessment – Real exploits – DoS :

Portable Penetrator – Wifi Pen Testing WEP WPA WPA2 Password Recovery :

Cloud Penetrator – Web Vulnerability Scanner SQL Injection XSS Cross Site Scripting :

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