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Tracks Inspector is a collaborative, web-based platform enabling detectives and investigators to quickly process and extract valuable information from mobile devices and computers without having to wait for the digital experts in the forensic lab, resulting in quicker and more effective prosecutions. The Tracks Inspector product had been developed within Fox-IT as the result of many years of experience in digital forensics investigations.

The product has a huge potential for law enforcement and investigators worldwide and this requires focus and a growth strategy that diverges from Fox-IT’s focus on the cybersecurity and high assurance markets. On September 1st the Tracks Inspector management team and Fox-IT decided to go ahead with a management buyout of the Tracks Inspector business. We all believe that the new organization is the best structure to build on the success so far, and that this is a great moment to grow and bring focus, support and dedication that the product and new company can deliver.

Digital forensics for non-technical investigators

Smartphones, tablets and computers routinely contain evidence related to common crimes, from theft to homicide. Digital forensics laboratories are overwhelmed, while investigators sometimes must wait months for critical digital evidence to be processed.

Tracks Inspector solves this problem. Tracks Inspector offers an intuitive, web-based solution that puts digital investigations into the hands of detectives. It allows investigators to conduct an early case assessment and identify the data and devices relevant to the case, in order to enable the forensic specialists to conduct a targeted forensic analysis. Ultimately, this allows investigators to solve more cases faster while easing High Tech Crime Unit’s (HTCU) backlogs.

Growing volume of digital Evidence: impossible to scale up with digital forensic specialists

The average wait time for processing digital evidence varies from weeks to months depending on the availability of skilled forensic resources. Meanwhile, the amount of digital evidence needing investigation grows at rates far exceeding the processing volume possible at digital forensic laboratories.

The computing power of smartphones and computers and the amount of digital information generated (75% of which is by individuals) doubles every 18 months. Increasing the ranks of digital forensic specialists takes time and money to recruit, train and scale to this exploding demand, which most law enforcement agencies cannot afford.

Put digital investigations into the hands of the detective

Rather than a forensic analyst processing and analysing all of the data from all seized devices, which uses up significant time and resources, Tracks Inspector allows detectives to use their knowledge of the case to determine what information is relevant and needs further forensic examination, and what does not. As such, Tracks Inspector enables a more targeted approach to the investigation of digital evidence and more efficient use of forensic laboratories.

Current tools developed for investigators to triage digital evidence in the field are too limited. On the other hand the complex tools used by digital forensics experts are not suitable for investigators. Tracks Inspector closes this gap, allowing investigators to solve common cases while easing backlogs at forensic laboratories.


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