TopSpin Security is the leader in intelligent-deception and detection technologies which allow organizations to quickly and accurately detect breaches, engage attackers and neutralize advanced cyber-attacks. Its technology is based on a network of decoys that lure attackers by mirroring valuable network assets and are fully adaptive to organizations’ changing environments.

Its unique traffic analysis engine and integration into organizations’ existing security infrastructure deliver the industry’s only deception solution that provides for strategic placement of traps and decoys; added security and internal correlation; and operational advantages such as automated, point-and-click configuration. TopSpin’s DECOYnet is already deployed by leading Global 2000 companies.

Fighting Back Against Advanced Network Threats

A new and deadly generation of remotely-controlled, custom-built targeted corporate network attacks is challenging core network security assumptions. Today, network security teams must assume that attackers have already breached perimeter defenses, and focus on finding and eliminating them.

TopSpin empowers your security professionals to go on the offensive against APTs and other sophisticated network threats. Our solutions learn your network topography and sniff all egresses to keep ahead of attackers. Using our deep network insights to intelligently plant mini-traps (breadcrumbs), TopSpin identifies attacks early and diverts attackers to a decoy network. Then, we track Command and Control communications and catch attackers in the act.


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