SimplyRFiD makes RFiD Tracking Systems. Nox: RFID Chips and Video that sees through walls and backpacks to track people, laptops, tools, files, and more… Ever try to figure out what’s happening in a surveillance video? It’s hard to find anything because you don’t know when or where to look. Nox makes surveillance video searchable. By attaching an RFID tag to your items, Nox saves an event for everything that moves in your office.

Nox’s RF (Radio waves) can look inside bags and tell you what items are in there — then show you the person carrying those items. Each RFID tag tells Nox the name of the item. For instance, “Carl Brown” has an ID Badge.

We can search on that RFID badge and see everywhere Carl went. We can also find file folders, laptops, servers, important inventory, and desks. Nox links the movement of items to the video so you know what happened and when. We started in 2002 and have helped nearly 3,000 customers find their stuff.


The Automated RF Monitoring and Surveillance (ARMS) Kit tracks asset movement. Its primary purpose is to make sure you know the location of each of your assets at any given time. The ARMS kit will notify you immediately when an asset has been moved. In addition, the ARMS Kit integrates directly with cameras to automatically provide a video clip each time an asset is moved. This allows you to watch your assets without having to actually watch your assets. Everything is 100% searchable so you can look for any item at any time to see when it was moved, where it went, and most importantly, who moved it.

How Does It Work


Nox downloads contract data from VIM-ASAP. Based on the NSN, Nox then prints a unique RFID TAG for each of your items.


Nox tracks which items are packed in cases and prints an RFID case tag.


Nox scans cases as they are placed onto a pallet and then prints an RFID pallet tag. NOX then uploads the pack data directly to VIM-ASAP.

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