rapidscanWhen your operation must be economical, compliant and, above all, effective, you need a proven company that is driven by innovation and backed-by a global support network. A company like Rapidscan Systems.

About Rapidscan Systems

As the world’s leading security screening provider, Rapidscan Systems provides state of the art products, solutions and services that meet our customers’ most demanding threat detection needs while improving operational efficiency.

Since 1993, we have been a proud and trusted partner of government agencies and private security operations around the world, built around simple principles:



Rapidscan Systems cargo and vehicle inspection products have been deployed in a variety of government and private sector applications, winning out on the basis of their exceptional threat detection capabilities. Among other benefits — such as speed, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ease-of-use — our cargo and vehicle inspection systems are also backed by an unparalleled global support network. All Rapidscan cargo and vehicle inspection products reflect our corporate commitment to excellence in imaging performance, design, ease-of-use and quality.  This commitment results in products that have best-in-class imaging, low cost of ownership, high reliability and high operator satisfaction.

Rapidscan’s cargo and vehicle inspection systems are proven in challenging applications at seaports, border crossings and critical facilities around the world.  Inspectors use our superior images to combat smuggling and find hidden contraband, including explosives, weapons, narcotics and weapons of mass destruction.  Customers can choose products with unique features and scanners that operate in different modes to easily adapt to changing operational requirements.  With support from Rapidscan’s global service network, our cargo and vehicle inspection products deliver value to our customers from the first day of operation throughout their lifetime.


Additionally, as screening protocols in different countries continue to evolve in response to current events, Rapidscan’s products and tools can evolve with changing needs. Scanners are mobile—they can move as security lines relocate. They come in many different sizes, to allow for small parcels and large, wrapped pallets, and even irregularly sized objects that don’t fit in typical scanners. And Rapidscan is trusted; its aviation screening solutions have been approved by agencies in the United States, the UK, France, and Canada.

Rapidscan goes beyond inspection. Our Advanced Technology Options, such as NARCScan, Target and Threat Image Protection all work with our devices to enhance screening effectiveness. We’re working on ways to detect threats before they become problems to keep our airports, borders, and buildings safer.

Air Cargo

Air cargo screening is now a requirement of governments around the world. With a wide range of screening systems, Rapidscan’s air cargo X-ray scanners provide screening solutions for all types of baggage and pallets. Additionally, Rapidscan’s screening solutions meet the largest global regulatory approvals for air cargo.


Rapidscan’s X-ray scanner provides quick and cost-effective screening of baggage.

Pallet and Cargo

Designed to protect airborne cargo, Rapidscan’s large X-ray scanners provide dual-energy screening without consuming a lot of power.


Checkpoint screening has expanded over the years to include airports, courthouses, government buildings, and other high profile targets. Effectively scanning items for contraband without disrupting throughput is of the utmost importance. Rapidscan’s X-ray scanners provide a wide variety of options for checkpoints. All scanners have dual-energy imaging by atomic number to help discriminate materials inside packages.

Large Parcel and Small Cargo

Whether at the airport or situations where scanning incoming parcels and small cargo loads is imperative, Rapidscan’s large parcel and small cargo X-ray scanners provide unobtrusive screening for explosives and narcotics.  Customs and border protection, ports, and defense networks rely on the strength of our scanning systems.

Mail and Small Parcel

Whether providing security inspection solutions in government facilities or schools, hotels, convention centers or a variety of event-based security environments, Rapidscan’s mail and small parcel X-ray scanners provide compact, dual-energy screening for small spaces.


Rapidscan’s MobileCheck scanning solutions combine state-of-the-art mobile X-ray screening units with additional units to provide “security screening in a box” for events, temporary building entrances and similar situations.

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