immunityImmunity delivers products and services to Fortune and Global 500 companies and smaller organizations across all vertical markets. Immunity also serves government departments from all over the world. A concentration on purely offensive techniques and technologies distinguishes Immunity from other professional organizations who attempt to address both offensive and defensive security postures in their service or product lines.

Immunity’s employees are motivated by a desire to develop new penetration technologies including exploits, implants, and evasion techniques. Immunity’s product line remains focused on attack and penetration. The team is made up of leading experts, each recognized for deep technical knowledge and cutting edge research within their field. Immunity products include exploitation development tools, vulnerability assessment tools, and remote control technologies. Immunity delivers consulting services including penetration testing, vulnerability management, and Immunity’s experts provide regular training classes.

Immunity also serves as an information hub within the global security community, hosting the popular DailyDave mailing list and often serving as a source for analysis and opinion on new threats, as reflected in various media coverage.

Immunity has been headquartered in Miami, Florida since 2005. Most employees are based in the Miami headquarters with others in Washington, DC, and internationally from Argentina, Canada, and Italy.

Immunity welcomes feedback and inquiries of any kind.