groundlabsWe are a security software company dedicated to making sensitive data discovery products that help organisations prevent sensitive data loss. Our flagship products, Card Recon, Data Recon and Enterprise Recon, have helped more than 2,500 organisations in 80 countries discover sensitive PII and cardholder data in documents, databases, emails, log files and many other locations.

  • We are an international company with offices in Austin, Dublin and Singapore.
  • We focus on what we do best: sensitive data discovery and nothing else.
  • We were founded in 2007 and launched our first product in 2008 during the GFC, which never held us back.
  • We have positive cash flow, no debt, and no external venture capital – we fund all our growth organically from sales revenues.
  • We are 100% privately owned by the founders, who form a core part of the company management team.


Developed exclusively for PCI DSS compliance, Card Recon is the industry leading cardholder data discovery tool trusted by more than 300 PCI QSAs globally. Card Recon accurately identifies insecure PANs issued by all major card brands, including track 1 and track 2 data.

Find and secure non-compliant card data in a fraction of the time you would normally spend manually searching your systems.


Data Recon is a sensitive data discovery tool designed to help you find Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on systems, simplifying all your compliance efforts for PCI DSS, SOX, POPI, HIPAA, GLBA, and more.


Enterprise Recon is the complete solution for the identification, remediation and monitoring of sensitive personal data across your entire network.

Reduce the risk of a data breach by containing the valuable customer, employee and payment information hackers are after, and simplify the processes required to make security a Business-As-Usual practice for your organization.