exindaAt Exinda, our mission is to help enterprises, educators and service providers effortlessly exceed their network service level agreements and deliver the best application performance possible. We do this through our innovative approach called WAN Orchestration and our award-winning product, Exinda Network Orchestrator. Our purpose built solution is designed to help IT teams manage the way users, traffic, devices and applications behave across the network. Over 4,000 organizations worldwide trust Exinda to ensure their most important applications always perform as promised.

Readiness Assessment

Microsoft provides customers with specific guidelines that outline the bandwidth requirements needed for a successful deployment of their product. While this information is valuable it doesn’t give you the full picture of your environment. Exinda’s Readiness Assessment, conducted over the course of just a couple of weeks, gives you a more complete view into your network and its usage patterns as well as what you should do next to optimize your network and ensure flawless application performance.

Readiness Assessment Essentials

  • Get a comprehensive view of current network activity
  • Gain insight into historical usage patterns
  • Get recommendations for optimizing network resources for exceptional performance

Application Monitoring

With Exinda’s Application Monitor you’ll be able to keep track of how well your applications are performing at any given time and identify potential performance issues before they happen. You’ll be given insight into applications performance trends, adoption and other key statistics to better understand how your Microsoft applications are being used. You’ll also be able to identify bandwidth hogs, unsanctioned applications (Shadow IT) and any other network activity that may be impacting performance.

Application Monitoring Essentials

  • Gain real-time visibility into how well Microsoft apps are performing
  • See how all users, devices and applications are behaving on the network
  • Quickly troubleshoot performance issues with prescriptive and actionable recommendations
  • Identify Shadow IT and non-critical applications that may impact performance

The Six in One Network Orchestration Solution.

Exinda Network Orchestrator was engineered to help Network Managers and Administrators solve the biggest IT challenges facing today’s complex network. Exinda takes an integrated approach combining interactive analytics, an intelligent recommendation engine and powerful actions like traffic shaping, bandwidth monitoring and WAN optimization in a single, easy to use suite.

Interactive Analytics

View innovative dashboards to see network activities across all users, applications, devices, and locations. Analyze and inspect application traffic at layer 7 so you can troubleshoot issues quickly when they arise. Model and interact with data to better understand the health of your network and applications.

See in action on how you can diagnose and resolve network performance problems quickly.

Exinda Interactive Analytics for Wan Optimization and Traffic Shaping

Purpose Built Reports

Browse the solution center which features a library of reports designed to help solve your most important IT issues. View a catalog of reports designed to address specific issues faced by Network Managers including WAN Planning, Application Performance, Network Governance and Critical IT Projects.

Recommendation Engine

Our patent-pending recommendation engine studies patterns and changes in your network. It discovers potential problems before they occur and automatically makes suggestions to repair issues, adjust policies, and optimize network performance.

Watch this demo to learn how to troubleshoot WAN optimization problems 3X faster using Exinda.

Exinda Recommendation Engine for WAN Accelarator and Optimization

Policy-based Traffic Shaping

Our award winning packet shaping technology lets you prioritize how and when users, applications and web sites consume bandwidth on your network. Integration with Microsoft Active Directory means you can control and monitor bandwidth by user, group, time and location.

Exinda Policy-based Traffic Shaping and Bandwidth Monitoring

Application Acceleration

Make sure your applications always deliver a great user experience. Premise, cloud and mobile applications all need to deliver reliable performance for your business to run smoothly. Our WAN acceleration technology makes sure your critical business apps are always lightning fast.

Score the performance of your business critical applications and accelarate or allocate bandwidth by user, group, time and location. See how

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor the health of your network in real time. Gain insight into how your strategic applications are performing and the amount of bandwidth being consumed by all users, applications, locations, and devices across the network.

Exinda-WAN Appliance for Real Time Monitoring and Control Bandwidth issues