encrypticsEncryptics® is a rapidly growing data security company in the DFW area. We develop and deliver software-based security solutions that fit seamlessly into any existing environment. At Encryptics, we strive to simplify data security. We believe that multi-layered encryption should be as easy as clicking a button or dragging a file. We believe you should be able to easily manage and maintain control over your data—even after it leaves your possession.

Whether you store data on a server, share data through a cloud, or transfer data via email, messaging, or FTP, you can feel confident that your private information is always protected from unauthorized access.

.SAFE Package

We provide multi-layered encryption at the device level by “wrapping” information in secure .SAFE packages.

To ensure the highest level of security, our servers authenticate the usage and access information only by separating private information from the Usage and Access Rights assigned to it.

The entire .SAFE package is protected by industry-standard algorithms and can be transferred through any communication channel without risk of exposure. Only authorized users on authorized devices are allowed to access private information stored within the .SAFE package.

Trusted Peer-to-Peer Platform

Our patented delivery platform combines a server with peer-to-peer delivery to utilize the best of both encryption models.

The authentication servers verify user IDs, hardware IDs, and Usage and Access Rights across multiple platforms and domains. This way, the authentication process is easily managed from a central location, but encryption is handled entirely at the device level. Your private content never leaves the protection of the device and never touches our servers—or any other servers or networks—as it travels to its destination.

Utilizing this unique security and delivery model, we offer cloud-based or on-premise data protection for consumer use or enterprise-wide integration.

Our hardware-free solutions can be quickly deployed on a large scale without disrupting workflow, integrate easily into any existing infrastructure, and expand as needed to support a growing workforce.

Encryptics for Email

Encryptics for Email works seamlessly with your existing email provider to secure all of your messages sent through internal or external networks. Your encrypted messages maintain the highest levels of security even when passed through unaffiliated clients or residing on anonymous email servers.

You can view, compose, and send encrypted messages in a platform-native interface. Windows users can utilize our convenient Outlook Add-In, which enables you to send encrypted email through the familiar Microsoft client as easily as you send regular email. With Encryptics for Email, your company can communicate securely with any outside entity. Recipients of encrypted messages can easily download the software—a solution that allows them to send a fully-encrypted reply back to the sender without purchasing a license.

For additional data protection, you can assign Usage and Access Rights, which allow you to control what happens to your message even after it has been sent. With these tools, you can maintain document integrity by preventing Forward, Copy, Print, and/or Save functions. You can also specify when and how many times recipients can view a secure message by setting a sunrise date, sunset date, and a read limit, or by recalling the message at any time.

Encryptics for Email is ideal for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environments and mobile workforces. This cross-platform solution can protect mobile communication on a small scale, or it can function as the data security component of a broader Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Encryptics can provide you with access to your account from Android and iOS devices, and emails sent from the Encryptics Mobile app are protected with the same multilayered security provided by our desktop solutions.

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