drivelockDriveLock SE, is headquartered in Munich, Germany with offices in Pleasanton, California, USA and Sydney, Australia and has become one of the leading Endpoint Protection Platform software vendors over the past 15 years. The Endpoint Protection Platform from DriveLock is particularly strong when used in the extremely granular environment of Device Control for USB protection, as well as for the encryption of hard disks, SSD’s or USB memory devices. Applications and their associated devices can be comprehensively protected with the Smart AppGuard based on integrated Artificial Intelligence with Predictive Whitelisting and Machine Learning functionality.

DriveLock supports various operating systems, devices, and is available as a hybrid solution either on-premise or from the cloud. Facts & Figures: – Multiple awards as an endpoint protection solution – Since 2013 in the Gartner Quadrant, honored as a TOP 100 innovator in 2017 – More than 3000 customers in 30 different countries across the world – Customer environments with up to 180,000 endpoints supported – Made in Germany, “without a backdoor”


DriveLock encrypts your data – fast and secure

Accidental disclosure of sensitive business data and the loss or theft of mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones cause millions in damage to businesses every year. DriveLock provides state-of-the-art solutions through a unique combination of data encryption on hard disks/partitions, external removable media, as well as through central and local directories and shared cloud directories.