cyberbitCyberbit was founded in 2015 to address one of the most acute cybersecurity problems: preparing the human element for attacks. Despite the large investments, even the best security stack will eventually be breached. When this happens, you can only depend on your incident response team’s speed and performance. But when security teams experience their first attack on the job, they are far from being ready. Conventional training like tabletop exercises and courses do not prepare your team for the realities of an attack. Cyberbit’s founders realized that the only way to effectively prepare cyber defenders is to adopt the same approach used in flight simulation, enabling them to
detect, respond, and remediate a real-world cyberattack BEFORE the attack.

Is Your SOC Team Ready for a Cyberattack?

Eventually, your organization will be attacked.
Unfortunately, this will be the first time your SOC team will experience this attack.
Cyberbit Range prepares your security team for the attack, by providing a hyper-realistic, virtual SOC environment, in which they can train in responding to real-world, simulated cyberattacks, and dramatically improve their performance.


Prepare your SOC team and red team with a wide range of simulated training scenarios, from entry level individual training to advanced, multi-stage attacks and team training.

Service Providers and MSSPs

Expand and differentiate your portfolio and increase revenues, by setting up a cyber security training and simulation center and offering advanced training services.

Higher Education

Become the regional cyber hub. Increase student enrollment and retention and prepare your graduates for a career in cybersecurity with hands-on cyber range simulation labs.

Public Sector

Solve the cybersecurity skill gap by accelerating the certification of cybersecurity professionals. Train incident response teams in simulated cyber attacks. Test your IT infrastructure and security measures in a safe and controlled environment.

Train Your Security Team with Cloud-Based Simulation

SOC teams need better quality training, which is accessible from anywhere. This is why Cyberbit’s cloud cyber range provides your team with instant access to the market-leading training and simulation environment from your home or your office, at any time, day or night. Blue teams, red teams, and students can log into a cloud-based virtual SOC and experience a wide range of simulated cyberattacks, from basic to advanced team training scenarios, so they are fully prepared and skilled when the time comes to respond.

Train when you like
Start a session anytime, in seconds, at a convenient time, from any location
Train at ease

1. Book a virtual training room
2. Get a log-in link for each trainee
3. Setup your training scenario

Train like a pro

Choose from a rich catalog of scenarios and get detailed trainee debriefs and reports to improve performance