bufferzone security

BUFFERZONE is a patented containment solution that defends endpoints against advanced malware and zero-day attacks while maximizing user and IT productivity. By isolating potentially malicious content from web browsers, email and removable media, BUFFERZONE complements existing endpoint security platforms to defend the organization from advanced threats that evade detection. BUFFERZONE includes a configurable bridge for transferring content and data safely between the container and secure network zones, and provides critical intelligence for enterprise-wide security analytics. Easy to deploy and configure, BUFFERZONE is a lightweight solution that provides cost-effective containment for up to thousands of endpoints.

An Ounce of Prevention is Still Worth a Pound of Cure

Even the best detection technology cannot return the data, money or reputation that is lost in a breach. While a layered approach that addresses the entire attack cycle is a must, prevention still has the highest return on investment. BUFFERZONE provides a better way to reduce the attack surface and protect the most vulnerable part of the organization – employee endpoints.

From Physical Security to Cyber Security – Isolation is a Proven Strategy

From time immemorial, high security facilities have isolated their sensitive operations and information with walls and “buffer zones”. BUFFERZONE uses patented virtualization technology to isolate internet applications and contain cyber attacks so that they can not get through to the endpoint or the network.

Zero-Day Exploits, Ransomware, Drive-by Downloads, Malvertising…

Conventional endpoint security like antivirus and HIPS is important – but it isn’t enough. Any solution that looks for known signatures and behaviors will miss the newest threat. Businesses need an additional layer of protection that can isolate the next new threat…. before damage is done.

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