blackberryBlackBerry is a mobile-native software and services company dedicated to securing the Enterprise of Things. BlackBerry Secure software provides the embedded intelligence for the Enterprise of Things so that the Internet of Things can thrive. What We Do Today’s BlackBerry is a software company with a standard of security for managing the network of mobile and wearable devices, desktops and laptops, and other endpoints within enterprises. In addition to developing and providing applications, our BlackBerry Secure platform enables enterprises and independent developers to create applications for smartphones, medical devices, connected cars, consumer appliances and industrial machinery, and much more. The result is a secure Enterprise of Things where enterprise customers can transform their organizations for 360-degree secure mobility and have complete confidence in their endpoint management. BlackBerry Secure applications are showing up in every industry where secure mobile communications are critical.

BlackBerry Protect

Redefining the capabilities and efficiency of endpoint security

BlackBerry Protect is an AI-based endpoint security solution that prevents breaches and provides added controls for safeguarding against sophisticated threats. Human intervention, cloud connections, signatures, heuristics, and sandboxes are not required.


What’s New for BlackBerry Protect?

AI-Driven Prevention for all Endpoints

  • Single agent, single management console
  • New refreshed dashboard
  • Granular role-based access control allows administrators to customize permissions to quickly restrict employee access


BlackBerry Protect for Powerful Prevention

Endpoint security redefined. BlackBerry Protect AI-driven technology prevents attacks before they can damage your devices, network, or reputation. No signatures. More predictability. Less hassle. Prevention is possible with BlackBerry Protect.

BlackBerry Protect leverages artificial intelligence to detect and prevent attacks before they can execute. It prevents users from opening URLs and visiting spoofing websites designed to mimic legitimate pages in order to gather confidential or personal information.


BlackBerry Protect on Mobile Devices

BlackBerry Protect on mobile is a Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution that augments the security baseline provided by BlackBerry® UEM. It prevents, detects and remediates advanced malicious threats at the device and application levels. It combines the mobile endpoint management capabilities of BlackBerry UEM with Cylance AI driven threat protection to get in front of malicious cyberattacks in a Zero Trust environment.

Scans mobile applications for existing malware

BlackBerry Protect scans and validates applications to determine if there is malicious malware and greyware within them prior to pushing applications to devices or users trying to access information while malware is on the device.

Complete protection for all devices and activation types

BlackBerry Protect continuously protects mobile endpoints without disrupting users, regardless of device activation type (including managed and BYOD).

  • Advanced Android™ malware detection and prevention
  • Users are prevented from sideloading unapproved iOS® apps from third party app stores
  • iOS app integrity checking
  • Phishing detection to protect the user from opening malicious links
Integrated directly into BlackBerry Dynamics

Because BlackBerry Protect is built directly into BlackBerry UEM and iOS and Android versions of the BlackBerry® Dynamics application, you can be assured that all the mobile endpoints BlackBerry UEM manages are protected from zero-day threats. With BlackBerry Protect there is no reliance on the end user to install, log in, maintain any third-party apps or complete manual steps to configure settings.

BlackBerry Optics

Prevent. Detect. Respond.

BlackBerry® Optics pushes all detection and response decisions down to the endpoint, eliminating response latency that can mean the difference between a minor security event and a widespread, uncontrolled security incident.


What’s New in BlackBerry Optics

What’s New in Prevention-First EDR

  • Registry Introspection
  • DNS Visibility
  • Windows Logon Event Visibility
  • RFC 1918 Address Space Visibility
  • Enhanced WMI Introspection Via Windows API
  • Enhanced PowerShell Introspection Via Windows API


Why Choose BlackBerry Optics?

CylanceOPTICS is AI-driven endpoint detection and response. It provides the endpoint visibility necessary for exacting functions including root cause analysis, threat hunting, and incident response.

Prevent Widespread Incidents With Machine Learning

By turning the endpoint into a virtual SOC, BlackBerry Optics continuously hunts for threats without human intervention.

BlackBerry Guard

Preventing Threats with Actionable Intelligence

BlackBerry® Guard is a subscription-based managed detection and response offering that leverages our award-winning native AI platform and the 24×7 support of a world-class team of BlackBerry Cylance incident responders and prevention experts. BlackBerry Guard enables security teams to focus on key security initiatives versus recovering from breaches.


Why Choose BlackBerry Guard?

BlackBerry Cylance has the strategy, expertise, and technology to analyze and guard your organization by preventing and containing threats as well as large scale breaches.

  • Discover threats in no time
  • Respond to threats in no time
  • Implement in no time

Adversaries don’t keep office hours. That’s why BlackBerry Guard monitors your environment 24×7, triaging alerts, tracing threats, correlating data, facilitating remediation, and keeping you informed every step of the way via the BlackBerry Guard portal and a convenient mobile app.


Key Features

Transparent, Proactive Threat Hunting

It’s hard to detect the true signal of a threat when you’re drowning in a sea of extraneous alerts. BlackBerry Guard automatically validates and triages alerts, collating forensic data and converting alert noise into threat intelligence.

Customized Mobile Visibility and Interaction

BlackBerry Guard orchestrates alert notifications and analyst interactions through defined escalation tiers with an online portal and both Android and iOS platform BlackBerry Guard apps.

Automated, Rapid Response

BlackBerry Guard responds dynamically to changes in your environment with AI technologies that stop file-based and fileless attacks, assess indicators of compromise, and initiate responses that prevent security threats from becoming security incidents.

SecuSUITE Secure Messaging and Phone Calls

High Security Voice and Messaging for iOS and Android

SecuSUITE® mobilizes secure voice and messaging for enterprise and government.


What’s New in SecuSUITE

SecuSUITE awarded updated NIAP and CSfC security certifications

SecuSUITE was recently awarded updated NIAP Certification and listed as a Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) compliant product to meet the highest security requirements. These certifications strengthen the BlackBerry secure communications offering for governments worldwide.

Read the press release 

Encrypted Voice and Messaging that’s Intuitive and Efficient

Certified to meet the highest security requirements, SecuSUITE® protects against threats to enterprise, and local and national security by enabling secure communications on conventional mobile devices.

Whether operating locally or abroad, employees can make secure phone calls and exchange secure messages, including group chats, using the off-the-shelf iOS® and Android™ devices they already carry—rather than bulky, inconvenient and complicated specialized communications systems.


In the News: NATO Selects BlackBerry’s Encrypted Voice Technology to Secure its Calls

The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency has awarded a contract for BlackBerry’s SecuSUITE to encrypt the conversations of its technology and cyber leaders wherever they communicate – in the workplace, at home or travelling abroad.


Technology for Real World Use Cases

Where there’s the greatest threat, you need the highest security. With SecuSUITE, calls are encrypted from the mobile device all the way back to the crypto gateway installed in your organization’s trusted network, so eavesdroppers can’t hear a thing.

Mobile-to Mobile

From SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device.

Secure Landing

From a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to a landline within the network.


From a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to the user’s home network and from there to external mobile or landlines via PSTN extension.


From any mobile or landline on the user’s home network to a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device.

Secure Conferencing

From a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to a secure conference bridge.

Group Messaging

For multiple participants on SecuSUITE-enabled devices.

Built for National Security

With a global track record for providing certified, true end-to-end encrypted solutions for Android™ and iOS®, SecuSUITE for Government technology is protecting 20+ countries against electronic eavesdropping from unclassified through Top Secret.

Defense & Military

Protecting the men and women who protect us 

SecuSUITE not only allows personnel to exchange fully secure voice and messaging with other mobile devices, it also supports fully encrypted voice calls out of any foreign network—which can be prone to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks—back to the caller’s home network.

Foreign Affairs

Protecting embassies and official international missions 

Locally or abroad, diplomatic staff can use their smartphones, safe in the knowledge that their voice and messaging exchanges are protected with end-to-end encryption, whether they are calling another secure mobile phone or back to their home country network.

National Security/Federal Law Enforcement

Protecting entire nations 

In an era where the threat of terrorism is an everyday reality, the people protecting the security and critical business of the nation need the ability to communicate securely at a moment’s notice. SecuSUITE allows government personnel to protect all official voice and messaging exchanges from being hacked.

Technology that’s Backed by Certifications

  • Common Criteria certified based on NIAP Protection Profiles for:
  • National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Compliance
    • SecuSUITE Client Protection Profiles:
      1. Application Software – Protection Profile for Application Software
      2. VoIP: Extended Package for Voice and Video over IP (VVoIP)
      3. Functional Package for TLS
    •  SecuGATE related Protection Profiles
      1. Network Device – Collaborative Protection Profile for Network Devices
      2. SIP Server – Enterprise Session Controller (ESC)
  • Approved by CSfC program under NSA specifications
  • Complies with SNSA cryptography requirements
  • Supports FIPS 140-2 validated keystores


BlackBerry Radar

Asset Tracking Engineered for Intelligence


Purpose-built Devices

BlackBerry Radar® is a complete asset tracking solution providing reliable visibility to trailer, chassis, containers and equipment. These ruggedized devices are easy-to-install, low maintenance and long-lasting to minimize operational disruptions and maximize your ROI.

Introducing BlackBerry Radar H2

The Next Generation Monitoring Solution for Non-powered Transportation & Logistics Assets

BlackBerry Radar H2 is a scalable and flexible asset monitoring solution. It provides up to 5 sensor readings from one device, including accurate location and mileage, container on/off or door open/close, and the ability to communicate to additional wireless sensors for enhanced visibility to the status of your assets.


Dashboards & Reporting:

Powerful Analytics, Actionable Insights, Easy-to-Use Portal

The BlackBerry Radar online portal includes custom dashboards, reports and tools that empower teams to manage assets based on the rich information provided from the solution.

  • Measure and understand how your assets are being used
  • Increase your asset utilization
  • Grow your operations without buying or leasing new assets
  • Increase personnel productivity and driver satisfaction
  • Increase financial forecasting accuracy
  • Improve maintenance scheduling


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