We help governments and businesses successfully manage cyber risk, comply with regulation and unleash value from technology. Becrypt has a long heritage of providing Data Protection solutions and Engineering Services to the most security conscious organisations, innovating to provide the highest levels of product assurance. Today, our Data Protection, Secure Platforms and Cyber Security Services allow diverse platforms to be adopted with confidence.

A recognised cyber security supplier to the UK government, other public sector customers range from defence and intelligence communities to health providers, across UK, Europe and US.

Secure Thin Clients & Thin PCs

Trusted Thin Clients for Security Conscious Organizations

Paradox Thin Clients

Thin Clients still run software that may be compromised, allowing adversaries to eavesdrop subsequent user sessions, capture credentials, or gain a foothold for lateral movement. They lack the security controls of typical desktop environments, meaning that the impact of a compromise can be both significant and long-lasting.

Becrypt developed Paradox to help organizations that need to proactively minimize the cyber security risks associated with Thin Client environments. Paradox is a highly resilient and secure Linux-based operating system that guarantees that end point devices remain in a healthy state, free from malware and ransomware, resistant to even targeted cyber-attacks. Paradox provides:

Paradox provides:

Assurance that Devices are in a Known Healthy State

Paradox Health Attestation uniquely measure all software components, from early boot components, to operating system and third-party drivers to all installed software applications. This combined with end to end remote attestation ensures that devices are cryptographically verified to be in a known healthy state before user and device access online services.

​Pro-Active Security Management

On premise or cloud hosted management infrastructure for rapid, automated and transparent patch and security management

​Cost Effectiveness

With integrated security, Paradox removes the need for third party software such as anti-virus, IDS, personal firewalls, thereby reducing costs as well as complexity and simplifies device management.

Disk Protect

Comprehensive Data Security

Disk Protect

Disk Protect protects enterprise environments against risks of data loss, and provides management of data life-cycle, as organizations maintain compliance.

Becrypt Disk Protect is a full disk encryption solution for business, to protect data-at-rest held on desktops, laptops, tablets and servers from theft or loss. The solution transparently encrypts device data eg. USB encryption, and uses strong authentication, preventing unauthorized access and enabling compliance. With seamless integration, users can single-sign-on to Windows, with no noticeable impact to performance or usability.

Suitable for:


  • Small Business
  • Medium Enterprise
  • Government
  • Disk Protect will provide:
  • ​Management

When combined with Becrypt Enterprise Manager, Disk Protect can be deployed throughout an organization with little or no disruption to business activities.

Encryption on ​Removable Media

Disk Protect can also encrypt the data on removable media such as Firewire, USB devices, SD cards, other mass storage devices and local disks.


Designed to enable security conscious organizations to deploy their workforce with confidence, the FIPS 140-2 certified software is compatible with a range of devices and operating systems.

Key specifications:

• Automates encryption reporting for regulatory compliance

• FIPS 140-2 certified

• Single sign-on

• Secure hibernation

• Secure wipe for decommissioning

• Removable media protection

• Multiple users per device


Portable Encryption for Removable Storage


mShare allows an organization to encrypt data on external storage devices without compromising flexibility – for secure access to data from any location, that maintains protection by making data inaccessible in the wrong hands should it be lost or stolen.

Suitable for:


  • Commercial Organizations
  • Government
  • Wider Public Sector

Disk Protect will provide:


With file and folder encryption, mShare offers an application that, after authentication, allows access to files from any Windows PC, so users can work on non-corporate machines, with the same level of security.


All data transfers are monitored and logged by an administrator for later inspection; organizations gain a full view of the data leaving their premises, where it’s going, and any alterations made.


Working alongside Becrypt Enterprise Manager, mShare is an easy to use, cost-effective solution to USB encryption, with a simple, enterprise-ready management suite for complete control of organization end points.

Key specifications:

• FIPS 140-2 accredited

• VDI compatible allowing access through VMwareTM and CitrixTM

• Integrates with Becrypt Data Protection Suite

• Offline password recovery

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