The Symphony AyasdiAI team is truly global in nature, with employees spread across the US, the UK, India, and Ukraine. Our team is unhindered by distance, working collaboratively to provide products of the highest caliber. Ayasdi is led with transparency, by CEO Simon Moss, who updates the team on the good, the bad, and the ugly with honesty. While hard work is expected of every team member, it doesn’t go unrecognized and unrewarded, and our employees’ wellbeing, both mental and physical in nature, is a top priority for us.

At Ayasdi, we have been dedicated to helping our clients detect fraud for over 10 years, which has resulted in the accumulation of numerous awards. One of which was being named the #1 Artificial Intelligence Platform for Financial Services by Chartis in 2016. According to the report: “The market for AI in financial services is at a relatively early stage in terms of adoption. Chartis views this as a very important emerging sector, one in which Ayasdi – with its specific focus – is well placed to take advantage. Unlike many other AI in risk players, Ayasdi delivers proof points and practical use cases” (Click here to see the full report).

Secur is a Ayasdi Platinium partner based in South Africa, offering Ayasdi implementation, integration and support services, these services can be offered even in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria

SensaAML™: Total Detection, Unrivalled Effectiveness 

As the leading AI product for detecting crime financing and cyber-crime, SensaAML™ leverages today’s most advanced AI and ML technologies to discover all financial risk definitively. Putting the power of true AI in the hands of many, empowering users to take control of risk with unprecedented clarity and accuracy. Whether as a stand-alone or integrated to augment existing systems, Sensa’s frictionless deployment and experience multiplies fidelity, compliance and effectiveness in a marketplace continually demanding digital transformation.

Current detection systems are missing the bigger picture

SensaAML™ gets more out of your existing data, to help you slash false positives, discover new anomalies, and control ballooning costs. SensaAML™ creates a roadmap to next-generation monitoring–tracking customers’ actual behavior, monitoring changes over time, and spotting emerging patterns that signal potential problems. We deliver every insight with a fully transparent audit trail, to set your mind at ease, and preserve your status with regulators.


From large scale Organized Crime to well-hidden Terror Networks, our set of AI models covers all bases

  • A unique set of advanced AI models coupled with historic data generates a complete picture of high-risk behaviors that evolve as the data and patterns change.
  • The system automatically supports the risk-based approach via continuous learning from previous high-risk cases (L3s, SARs) and uses a set of novel behavioral discovery methods to flag new high risk behaviors. As a result, the alerts generated by SensaAML™ are highly relevant to AML investigators.

Value Longevity

  • The agile nature of SensaAML™ is underpinned by an intelligent and dynamic framework to keep pace with new crimes and regulatory changes.
  • By tracking key risk indicators such as Risk Hotspots, SAR and L3 Similarity, and significant and unexpected Behavior Change, organizations will build greater resiliency and subsequently reduce the volume of unknown risks in their systems.
  • Gain confidence as your ROI investment continues to grow!



Slash False Positives

Deploy a simple process to clean up your backlog and refocus your resources on real crime.

  • Send historic and new TMS alerts into the system.
  • SensaAML™ produces an overall risk-score for the entity based on its history of behavior up to and including the alerting transaction(s).
  • The resultant Sensa™ score signals an insignificant risk of suspicious activity with no further action required by the investigator.
  • SensaAML™ stores a full history of these assertions for audit and regulatory purposes, and sample investigations can be performed where required.

Discover complex, high volume money flows

  • SensaAML™ looks deeper into your transactional data, following the money to uncover the most well-hidden risks lurking within your organization, resulting in a typical financial crime detection uplift of 20-50% over current processes.
  • The solution reveals the baseline of true risk to help your investigators develop an airtight assessment for regulators, while a global, top-down view identifies new high-risk customer behaviors that deliver a 1-in-3, hit rate.

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