attackiqAttackIQ is driving the emerging market of continuous security validation and has built the first platform that enables organizations to test and measure the effectiveness of their security posture. The FireDrill™ platform allows organizations to answer a simple and straightforward question: “How well are your current security tools, products and processes working?”

Delivering enterprise-class Security as a Service (SaaS) to mid-market and large organizations, FireDrill is a poised to build a new market and change the security game. Join our dynamic team and help accelerate the data-driven security revolution!

Run Scenario

FireDrill is backed by industry-leading security researchers who collect intelligence and analyze current attack techniques, tactics, and procedures to create comprehensive test scenarios.

Scenarios are used to test controls, validate security posture, and instrument your environment. They consist of behaviors that execute unwanted behavior or mimic real world malicious activity. By testing these things you can confirm your protective and detective controls are functioning as designed.

Scenarios can be run on-demand or on automated schedules to continually challenge your security infrastructure.

Out of the box, FireDrill comes with an inventory of common scenarios from global expert individuals and organizations. We continually create and curate an ever-growing library of scenarios to address emerging threats, sourced both from AttackIQ experts and the security community at large. AttackIQ also offers custom scenario development services to address specific concerns.

AttackIQ Platform

The AttackIQ platform enables continuous validation that your security controls, processes and people are working as intended and delivering ROI. It seamlessly integrates into any existing network, delivering immediate visibility into your security program so you can uncover gaps in coverage, identify misconfigurations, and quickly prioritize remediation efforts.

How the AttackIQ Platform Works

Sign up, deploy test point agents, select and run scenarios, then get results.

The AttackIQ platform requires minimal setup time and few resources to implement. This means you’re able to start running tests and seeing results almost immediately. Once you’ve deployed test point agents, you’ll be able to set automated scenarios to run continuously, and launch targeted scenarios on demand. This gives you real-time insight into how your controls, processses and people respond to known and emerging threats.
1.Deploy Test Agents
Create and Use Scenarios
2.Run Test Scenarios
Gain Insight and Value Immediately
3.View Results
Track Results Over Time


The AttackIQ platform is simple and intuitive. Our dashboard lets you visualize attack readiness and system performance at a glance. The Projects section gives you a versatile workspace to create and manage attack scenarios.

Deploy Test Point Agents

Test point agents are the sensors for the AttackIQ platform. They receive and execute your selected scenarios and allow for live testing in production.

  • Supports all major operating systems: Windows, Linux, OSX
  • Flexible deployment model: cloud or on-premises
  • Passive, lightweight test point agents
  • Easily scale up or reduce test point agents as needs change

Run Scenarios

Scenarios are used to test controls, validate security posture, and instrument your environment. AttackIQ Scenarios mimic real-world malware and attack vectors so you can confirm your systems are functioning as intended.

  • Complete inventory of scenarios out-of-the-box
  • Continuous creation and curation of new scenarios based on emerging threats
  • Backed by industry-leading security researchers
  • Contributions from a global community of experts

View Results

The AttackIQ platform provides fully-customizable automated reporting to provide team members and executives with a comprehensive report of your security program’s status, as well as an intuitive user dashboard with comprehensive visualizations of events in real time.

  • Evaluate risk from emerging attacks immediately
  • Make fast and accurate decisions on security vulnerabilities
  • Continuously validate security controls
  • Demonstrate the value and risk of your infrastructure to executive and Board

Offensive Defense for the Entire Decision Support Chain

AttackIQ is not merely a tactical solution. The platform facilitates and enhances the workflow for the entire decision support system – not once, but continuously. Each operational tier derives immediate value from integrating AttackIQ into existing processes. The platform creates cohesion across the disparate units of the security team, and helps shift the operational mindset toward a posture of offensive defense.

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