attackiqAttackIQ is driving the emerging market of continuous security validation and has built the first platform that enables organizations to test and measure the effectiveness of their security posture. The FireDrill™ platform allows organizations to answer a simple and straightforward question: “How well are your current security tools, products and processes working?”

Delivering enterprise-class Security as a Service (SaaS) to mid-market and large organizations, FireDrill is a poised to build a new market and change the security game. Join our dynamic team and help accelerate the data-driven security revolution!

Run Scenario

FireDrill is backed by industry-leading security researchers who collect intelligence and analyze current attack techniques, tactics, and procedures to create comprehensive test scenarios.

Scenarios are used to test controls, validate security posture, and instrument your environment. They consist of behaviors that execute unwanted behavior or mimic real world malicious activity. By testing these things you can confirm your protective and detective controls are functioning as designed.

Scenarios can be run on-demand or on automated schedules to continually challenge your security infrastructure.

Out of the box, FireDrill comes with an inventory of common scenarios from global expert individuals and organizations. We continually create and curate an ever-growing library of scenarios to address emerging threats, sourced both from AttackIQ experts and the security community at large. AttackIQ also offers custom scenario development services to address specific concerns.

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