amped fiveAmped Five Software was founded in Trieste, Italy, in 2008 by Martino Jerian. While working on his master thesis in Digital Image Processing at the University of Trieste, in collaboration with the Scientific Investigation Department of Carabinieri (Italian Military Police), Martino realized that video processing solutions for forensic applications were poor or non-existent, and not one single product could be found that met all of the needs of a forensic analyst. Products offered at the time were a compromise of features or were incomplete and required other products to accomplish common tasks. This is why Martino decided to develop Amped FIVE, the company’s flagship product.

Amped Software has thus been recognized as an innovator in the national and international arena. In 2008, barely a year from its founding, Amped Software was awarded as the best Italian start-up at the Tech Garage business competition, held during SMAU trade-show. In 2010, Amped Software was presented in the book “Winning Italy: Almanac of Italian Excellence” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which highlights significant innovation and achievements by Italian companies and individuals.

Amped Software was also highlighted as a leader in scientific accomplishments in a world class group which featured prominent companies such as Ferrari, senior “Big Bang” CERN researcher Lucio Rossi, and Lorenzo Thione, the developer of the technology used by Microsoft in the Bing search engine. In 2017 Amped Software was ranked on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA that recognizes companies that have achieved the fastest rates of revenue growth in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Today, Amped Software is a global company with headquarters and R&D labs in Trieste, Italy and a regional office and training facility in Henderson, Nevada, USA. Our US office is registered as a US Department of Defense contractor and sells DoD compliant products. We are also supported by a large network of worldwide partners.

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Amped Authenticate provides a very user-friendly interface that allows to open an image in the most common formats (JPEG, HEIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc.) and easily select several filters and tools to perform diverse tests on the image.

Image forensics is based on a fundamental idea: every processing step in the life-cycle of an image leaves some distinctive traces in the image itself. These traces can be leveraged to reconstruct the processing history, identify the image’s originating device, and possibly localize manipulated regions. This is what Amped Authenticate is all about. It allows to carry out a thorough forensic analysis with numerous filters, and produce a customizable forensic report ensuring that your results are well explained and reproducible.


Authenticate Overview 1

Unveil the processing history of a digital image to determine if it can be used as reliable evidence

  • Detect tampered areas in images
  • Determine the authenticity of images and documents
  • Analyze multiple images with batch tools
  • Identify the device used to take the photo
  • A collection of the most powerful, real-world-application authentication filters and techniques based on science

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Amped Authenticate is the leading forensic software for unveiling the processing history of a digital image. Amped Authenticate provides a suite of powerful tools to determine whether an image is an unaltered original, an original generated by a specific device, or the result of manipulation using a photo editing software, making its admissibility as evidence questionable. Amped Authenticate is used by digital forensic experts and intelligence agencies worldwide.

Authenticate is a collection of the most useful, real-world-application authentication filters and techniques identified by image analysts, based on hundreds of scientific papers and studies. These have been built into an easy-to-use, yet amazingly powerful interface to help investigators answer the many questions of authenticity and integrity surrounding today’s digital images.

Authenticate Overview 2


With the constant development and introduction of new digital technologies, digital images are now key sources of evidence for investigations. And thanks to social media and the prevalence of high-quality mobile phone cameras, there is a dramatic increase of images submitted as evidence by citizens and witnesses, to law enforcement agencies.

Modern digital images are mines of information: in addition to the visual content, metadata often contain precise information about when, where and who captured the image. But unfortunately, in just a few seconds, both visual content and metadata can now be easily manipulated to create credible fakes.

Without solid ways to validate that the information is accurate, these photographs could pose issues when they are presented as evidence in a case and in court. Therefore, thoroughly investigating an image and ensuring its trustworthiness and source is critical in today’s investigations.
Authenticate Overview 2< It is also necessary to be able to link photographs to a specific camera and consequently to a suspect. Billions of images are uploaded to the internet and shared on social media platforms every day. Investigators are constantly faced with the task of trying to identify the person who posted the original photo on the internet. Linking a photo to a camera is now as important as linking a bullet to a gun.Logo ReplayAmped Replay has been developed with the entire organization in mind. From empowering investigators with an easy-to-use tool to view video evidence faster and make decisions quicker, to decreasing case backlogs in the forensic video labs, allowing them to work on cases that require expertise and advanced technical skills – the whole organization benefits. With Amped Replay, productivity is increased and professional results are obtained and organizations are reassured that video is processed correctly, using validated tools to ensure forensic integrity.


Empowering investigators, detectives, frontline officers, and first responders to:

  • Convert and play videos from most proprietary CCTV/DVR formats, body worn, dash cam, mobile phones, covert video, drones, social media, and more
  • Apply quick corrections to images
  • Redact and annotate images for investigations and media release



Amped Replay is an enhanced video player that allows police investigators, detectives, frontline officers, first responders, security personnel and CCTV operators to conduct a first-level analysis of their video evidence, bridging the gap between a player and a forensic analysis suite. It empowers investigators to view their video footage quickly and expedite their case, ruling out what is and isn’t pertinent footage in the first instance.

Amped Replay was designed after consultation with frontline investigators and video and image analysts, ensuring that the simple-to-use interface answers the requirements of easy CCTV playback, fast processing, and the output of a court-ready product.

It includes Amped Software’s powerful DVR video conversion engine to play and view video without the need for other non-compatible, legacy, or proprietary player software, cutting down on the time it takes to experiment with proprietary CCTV players. Amped Replay allows for the exporting of video and images in playable formats and includes the ability to generate a report ideal for case building and disclosure.

Amped Replay also provides basic correction, redaction, and annotation tools to allow police investigators to clarify details and present professional and polished results, whether they are being used as part of a case, forwarded to another unit or intelligence analyst, or sent to the media for identification.

With this innovative solution, officers no longer need to rely on office hours and the availability of experts in the forensic video lab to perform basic tasks such as converting videos, now allowing those experts to work on more complex processing tasks.


CCTV and video link in to the “golden hour” principle of evidence collection alongside traditional forensics, witness statements and physical evidence gathering. It can be one of the more impactful forms of evidence and oftentimes the only source of evidence in a case. It’s the first port of call for any investigator building a case. Time is often crucial and the quicker an investigator can obtain and view footage the better.

This means that the first pieces of evidence could be video and an investigator will want to view it quickly in order to progress with any further lines of enquiry – not always possible with proprietary formats that require some processing before they are played and a lot of scientific support units will only work office hours, resulting in lengthy delays in the viewing of potentially crucial video evidence.

Video can often be an integral part of gathering intelligence and building a bigger picture of policing priorities. The varied amount of video formats means playing relevant footage can be difficult, resulting in potential intelligence being missed or discarded.

Amped Replay empowers investigators to view their video footage quickly and expedite their case, ruling out what is and isn’t pertinent footage in the first instance, cutting down on the time it takes to experiment with proprietary CCTV players. Drag and drop the footage into Amped Replay and it is ready to view.

Basic enhancement and annotation features give investigators a way to triage video footage, clarify details and present professional and polished results, whether they are being used as part of a case, forwarded to another unit or intelligence analyst or sent to the media for identification.

While you don’t need to have knowledge of forensics to use it, you can be assured that everything you do in Amped Replay is forensically sound. Amped Replay automatically ensures original evidence maintains its integrity and continuity with every load, conversion and export. Every enhancement and annotation feature works as a filter leaving the initial file untouched, and we have made sure that you are covered when it comes to disclosure and integrity through the reporting feature and Amped Software’s unique CCTV video conversion engine. We’ve done all the hard work behind the scenes to make sure you can process video and images effortlessly and worry-free.
Replay Overview 2

Amped Replay is also a great addition to your forensic lab should you need an application that compliments the use of Amped FIVE but allows for a lightweight and user-friendly video and image solution. This way, newer members of your team or those that don’t use Amped FIVE as often have a means of working with video quickly and confortably.

Simple to Use

Amped Replay is designed to be intuitive and easy to grasp with a sleek, uncluttered, sophisticated interface and a drag and drop system. Amped Replay offers basic enhancement and annotation tools but nothing over-complicated or intimidating.


View crucial video evidence as soon as you need it. With a simple drag and drop, video files are loaded and ready for review.
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Enable technicians to speed up the triage in cases such as major investigations

  • Batch converts hundreds of proprietary CCTV/DVR formats
  • Supports most file formats
  • Makes any video playable in seconds
  • Uses a forensically sound conversion engine


Amped DVRConv is the easiest way to convert unplayable video files. Videos from proprietary DVR systems (Digital Video Recorders), CCTV systems (Closed Circuit Television), dash cams, body worn cameras and any other video source, can now be converted in batch with just one click. With Amped DVRConv, you just drag, drop and you’re done.

Users can be reassured that the videos are converted in a forensically sound manner, using Amped Software’s powerful CCTV video conversion engine, which preserves, as much as possible, the original stream and separates standard encoding information from proprietary metadata to avoid errors and lost frames during playback.


With all the video surveillance systems installed in public facilities and private homes, as well as body worn cameras, dash cams, drones, and mobile phones, the chances that a crime is captured on video is very high. If you think of the average crime scene, any one crime is probably captured by 10 or more CCTV cameras. There are thousands of DVR manufacturers and each one generates their own proprietary video file types that don’t play well with the standard Windows PC.


Often, vital evidence may be in a video file, but investigators can’t get to that evidence. Police departments and court districts have been struggling for years to manage and utilize non-standard video files in their investigations. Investigators would go out onto the scene with a USB key drive and fill it with video files from different DVRs. They would then go back to the office, search the Internet for players and then try to install those players, often having to get permission from the IT department. When finally installed, the players often would not work properly, would not provide video conversion functions or, when they did, there was a loss of quality. Furthermore, the risk of getting malware and viruses from downloading programs from the Internet is also a big concern for law enforcement agencies.


Amped DVRConv is the only tool of its kind on the market. With Amped DVRConv, the process is fast and easy. Simply drag videos in batch into a specified folder or onto the application window and see them automatically convert to a user configurable format.
DVRConv Preview


With DVRConv, alongside Amped FIVE and Amped Authenticate, your workflow from scene to laboratory is completely covered and together they provide great weapons in your forensic video and image analysis arsenal.

Many analysts and technicians are often tasked with retrieving video from a scene at a location other than the lab or office. Retrieving CCTV from DVRs at scene can often be laborious, fraught with difficulty and a lot of the time the scenes are a fair distance away from the usual office. One of the most important steps during the recovery of CCTV evidence is checking to see if the download has been successful, which means playback of what is more likely to be proprietary video at scene using only a laptop and recovery tools.

Saving time at a video recovery scene is crucial and it’s a nightmare having to trawl through hundreds of proprietary players, some of which won’t work on some operating systems or might have different versions of the same type of player. Something more portable is needed to add to the tools on your retrieval laptop. This is where DVRConv steps in to quickly convert and playback your downloaded files in an easily customizable and cleanly installed package. Utilizing exactly the same conversion engine as Amped FIVE but with twice the portability, analysts can not only playback and confirm video files at scene, but have them ready for clarification and enhancement in FIVE for when they return to the office or lab. Logs are provided for disclosure and the original files are left untouched, maintaining the continuity of the video evidence from the beginning.


The most complete image and video forensics software

  • Load images, videos, and hundreds of proprietary CCTV/DVR formats
  • Analyze and interpret file data and structure
  • Restore and enhance to clarify license plates, objects, and faces
  • Output video presentations with redacted frames and audio
  • Generate automatically a detailed scientific report


Amped FIVE is the most complete image and video forensics software, acclaimed for its reliability and workflow efficiency. Amped FIVE was designed to answer the need in providing solid, scientific-based forensic image and video enhancement for worldwide legal systems. Image and video analysts worldwide have contributed to the development of the software used today, ensuring all aspects of the investigation process can be completed within a single application. Developed specifically for forensics, public safety and national security, this all-in-one solution has more than 130 filters and tools, to convert, process, enhance, analyze, present and document images and videos.

It supports any type of image and video data retrieved from various multimedia sources (including audio streams) from CCTV and DVR systems, body worn cameras, dash cameras, drones, mobile phones, fingerprints, documents, and much more. Support for hundreds of proprietary video file formats is continuously updated according to end user requests.

With a logical and nondestructive workflow, Amped FIVE has the ability to stabilize shaky videos, correct blurred details or adjust noise and lighting issues. It also offers specialized features such as super resolution, redaction, photogrammetry, optical distortion and aspect ratio correction, perspective correction and alignment in multiple frames.

Amped FIVE meets the needs of judicial systems worldwide, by using scientifically validated algorithms, and producing a report with all the processing steps, settings, and algorithms used in the analysis. It validates the reliability of the digital evidence in order to be admissible in court.

Amped FIVE is used by forensic labs, law enforcement, government, military, and security organizations worldwide. Municipalities, court experts and private companies working in the forensic and investigative fields also benefit from this solution.


Digital videos and images have become a crucial source of evidence in criminal cases. However, many times they are not used to their full potential due to format issues, quality, resolution, or other problems. Amped FIVE gives users the ability to enhance and reveal hidden information within video and image evidence, such as correcting the motion blur effect on an individual’s face or enhancing a license plate to reveal previously unidentifiable characters.

Amped FIVE is the most complete image and video analysis software for managing the entire workflow, from conversion, to analysis, enhancement, redaction or spotlight, and report generation. With its workflow and documentation, it guarantees a scientific process that is accurate, repeatable and reproducible.

Customer technical support is a priority for Amped Software. We are in continuous contact with our users to provide them with improvements, new features and support for additional video formats to ensure Amped FIVE always meets their ever-changing needs.

It is the only software of its kind that automatically generates a report containing every filter used, the detailed explanation, the settings, and (when applicable) the peer-reviewed scientific source for the filter. This reporting feature is extremely valuable to validate the integrity of the digital evidence in order to be admissible in court.
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