AMPED Five – Video Forensic Tool

Amped Five is a world leader in image processing software specifically designed for investigative, forensic and security applications. Its primary purpose is to provide forensic investigators a complete and unique solution to process and analyze digital images and video data in a simple, fast and precise way.

Through processing and analyzing both still and video images, then utilizing a clear workflow to present evidence that withstands the scrutiny of the courtroom, Amped Five is the forensic investigator’s trusted partner. Thanks to its revolutionary technology, Amped Five allows investigators to solve a wide range of problems which are otherwise easily missed. Since Five is self-contained, it can help to dramatically reduce the time required to process data and improves the success rate of the treated cases, from the restoration of low quality CCTV video to fingerprint analysis.

AMPED Five Features
Five is not a simple one-click video enhancement tool with limited settings or just a plug-in for photo editing software. It’s a complete software solution that addresses any possible need in the analysis of images and videos for investigations, surveillance, and forensic applications. For the forensic investigator, Five can make quick work of any video or image; from importing and converting the footage, analysis of its format, clarify content, taking measurements of the crime scene, and then generating the technical report that you will bring to the courtroom.

    • Five is a single complete set of tools designed from top to bottom for forensic and security professionals: all needed functions in one software package for both static image and video. Five is not a plugin for commercial photo editing software or a bloated video editor. Five is the first 21st century product suite designed specifically as a tool for your job: it has all the features you need and none that you don’t.
    • Automatic report generation, including the sequence of all operations applied to all files, the used parameters and a detailed description of their usage and implementation, plus the images of most important frames or processing steps chosen by the user. In the United States, if you are in a Frye or Daubert state, this is one of the most important features in Five when evidence goes to court since it is an automatic documentation of scientific methodology used.
    • Five is fast. With our workflow design, you can apply filters in any unlimited sequence: drag and drop, add, delete, modify, move, copy, paste, etc. You have the ability to modify any parameter of any operation in any order; the results can be seen immediately. With Five, everything is done in real time to dramatically reduce time and effort. This can be done even while playing a video file or viewing a live feed.
    • Five is high performance. Five has tools to target any type of data, from CCTV recordings and dash cam video to crime scene digital photos and latent fingerprint enhancement. With one uniform user interface, you can work in the same way with single images, sequences of images and videos.
    • Support for any image and video format without additional expensive format tools and configuration filters. Five is ready to work, straight from the box, and will work on your current workstation, laptop, or PC. If we do not have the native codecs to play the video file, no problem! We have a built in utility to capture video from the DVR console or player quickly and easily. We are also directly compatible with Milestone® and a few other high end video management servers.
    • With more than 70 different filters included as standard to enhance and analyze images and videos, Five is both budget friendly and a complete package. Five does not require additional plug-ins or third party software.
    • Five has features you cant find in any other software: choice of multiple video decoding engines, integration and compatibility with some high end surveillance video management systems, alignment of images taken from different perspectives, deblurring of long range videos affected by air turbulence.
    • Built-in security and robust file authentication to detect any tampering or unauthorized modifications or changes so that all evidence is secure.
    • Available in multiple languages (English, Chinese, Italian, French, Polish, others available soon).
  • Five will work with your platform. Because Five is compatible with standard PCs (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 32 bit and 64 bit versions), the time and cost to deploy are minimal. As hardware standards change quickly, Five does not bind you to a platform that will soon be obsolete or cannot be upgraded without major expense (if at all). Amped Five shows a clear advantage over competitors in cost effectiveness in budget analysis based on total life-cycle cost.