Allot Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: ALLT) is a provider of leading innovative network intelligence and security solutions for service providers worldwide, enhancing value to their customers. Our solutions are deployed globally for network and application analytics, traffic control and shaping, network-based security services, and more. Allot’s multi-service platforms are deployed by over 500 mobile, fixed and cloud service providers and over 1000 enterprises. Our industry leading network-based security as a service solution has achieved over 50% penetration with some service providers and is already used by over 18 million subscribers in Europe. Allot. See. Control. Secure. For more information,

Secur is a Allot Platinium partner based in South Africa, offering allot implementation, integration and support services, these services can be offered even in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria

Protect customers with Security-as-a-Service and parental control

Consumers and businesses are becoming increasingly aware about the dangers of exposure to data theft, phishing attempts, ransomware and other harmful or inappropriate content.

As a service provider, you have a great opportunity to offer web security and user protection in the form of Security as a Service (SECaaS), and so generate incremental revenue while strengthening loyalty to your brand.

With NetworkSecure, network-based security, you can provide your own branded security service to protect your customers against malicious Internet content and cyber-attacks. It includes the following functions:

  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-bot
  • Anti-malware such as crypto-jacking and ransomware
  • Ads-free
  • Content filtering

A multi-tenant solution, NetworkSecure enables personalized security policies, event handling and reports for the mass market. It powers the world’s largest deployed network-based security service, with over 20 million paying customers.

Empower Your Customers

Whether your customers are individuals, a family or a business, NetworkSecure supports many kinds of tenants with customizable user interfaces. A tenant can be an individual, a family looking to apply parental control or a business securing its employees.

Small businesses are extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and typically lack in-house security skills. CSP delivered security gives small business owners peace of mind while keeping inappropriate content out of the workplace.

Families can use NetworkSecure parental control to apply simple security configuration settings that ensure their kids only view appropriate content and that they get sufficient quiet time. Parents can also receive security alerts activated by their kids’ online activity.

Empowering families to set security policy is a proven value-add that strengthens loyalty to your platform.

Your Fast-Track to Revenue

With NetworkSecure, all security services are fully provisioned and activated in the network. You can simultaneously turn on the service for any, or all, customer segments and immediately start generating revenue of around $1 or €1 per customer per month. There’s no need for your customers to download, install or activate anything.

With this frictionless onboarding, launching a mass informed “Try and Buy” campaign, for example, has been proven to achieve over 15% service adoption in the first year.

Why Allot?

Allot has 20+ years’ experience working with communication service providers across the world. A telco grade solution, NetworkSecure fully integrates with CSP networks and systems.

Our customer success teams engage with the CSP’s marketing team, helping them to plan, launch, and promote their security service for maximum service adoption and retention.

Several European Tier 1 service providers have already achieved more than 50% adoption rates by selecting Allot and NetworkSecure as their security service solution.

Choose from Multiple Deployment Options

You can deploy NetworkSecure as standalone software, within an NFV architecture or, if you have an existing Service Gateway, integrate within the SG Tera chassis.



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5G Security & Service Assurance

5G takes mobile network evolution to a new level with service-based networking that supports massive IoT growth, fixed-mobile-convergence and critical M2M communication.

End-to-end network slicing, enabled by NFV, supports different services by dynamically allocating virtual resources and functions to meet service-specific performance objectives. The Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition (SG-VE) and NFV manager comply with leading NFV orchestration systems and are 5G ready.

allot 5g security

Quality Assurance
The SG-VE augments standard 5G technical performance indicators through a customer-centric approach that considers Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) to ensure end-user quality of experience (QoE). For example, it looks at resolution and stalls when assessing perceived video QoE to achieve highest customer satisfaction in addition to optimal resource utilization.

Service Differentiation
A second benefit of the SG-VE is more granular (e.g. application-specific) visibility and control. Within a Mobile broadband (mBB) slice, you may want to differentiate by criteria such as applications, content providers, users, and locations. For example, in a slice that provides both streaming video and cloud backup, stalls will significantly impact the video QoE, but not the cloud backup. With the SG-VE you can optimize accordingly.

Network Protection
With 5G’s increased access rates and massification of IoT, attacks from the radio access network can be devastating. Allot’s carrier-class DDoS detection and mitigation solution holistically addresses the three phases of a DDoS attack; the compromise or infection of endpoints, the weaponization of the endpoint, and the DDoS attack itself. Critical network resources and user QoE are assured, even during an attack.

Fifth-generation networks are designed to support and drive fixed-mobile convergence, the Internet of Things and ultra-reliable machine-to-machine communications. With Allot’s SG-VE and management systems, operators will be able to efficiently deliver service assurance and differentiation and protect the 5G networks from crippling DDoS attacks.

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